A Day at Jeevass CMI KG

Day At Jeevass CMI KG

Working day blooms in Jeevass CMI Kindergarten at 8.40 am. The discipline maintained in the school is visible from the very moment the first bell goes as the children proceed to the school auditorium for the morning prayer( assembly). The school assembly is conducted by the teachers of each class and later students are encouraged to conduct the same. This  gives them confidence to manage all situations. The assembly starts with prayers followed by different themes on each day. And on Fridays each class is given a chance to conduct their own assembly where they can perform and exhibit their talents in front of the whole school. Public speaking and various performances on the stage boost up their talents and wipe away stage fright
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Whether it is an academic event or co-curricular event, students are trained to express their leadership qualities. Children are exposed to different co-curricular activities like exercises, athletics, yoga, swimming, cycling, dance and music. Every moment in Jeevass CMI is a celebration. Learning is made a joyful experience through practical knowledge, better understanding, sharing and caring. 

“A day in Jeevass CMI KG is learning today for a better tomorrow”

About Us

Jeevass CMI Kindergarten was established by the senior members of St. Antony’s Monastery in 2006, with a new dimension to give quality education.

The Jeevass CMI Kindergarten was launched in June 2006 with Fr. John Berchmans,  Manager,  Fr. John pynadath as the first Director and Fr. Antony madavanakadu as the asst: Director. Mrs. Rita thettayil was appointed the first Headmistress. 


Jeevass CMI Kindergarten
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